In line with its 20th anniversary, Candlewick Press, a Massachusetts-based children’s book publishing company, will be launching its year-long picture book campaign called “We Believe in Picture Books.” From a picture book website and daily video features to prizes for retailers, huge standees, and shelf talkers, Candlewick will be offering readers and booksellers a lot of surprises throughout the year.

The “We Believe in Picture Books” campaign will be officially launched on the last day of August with a picture book website that will feature daily videos of authors and illustrators talking about the value of using picture books. Teachers, librarians, and even children’s book retailers, will also share their own experiences and thoughts on picture books.

Also part of the campaign is the effort to increase the sales of picture books featured by Candlewick this fall. There will be special incentives and prizes for retailers and booksellers who display Candlewick’s fall books and backlist titles. Lucky winners will receive a free trip to the 2013 Winter Institute.

A three-foot tall Candlewick bear will be available to retailers, along with several shelf talkers, standees, and a 13-month calendar that will showcase the publishing company’s bear mascots.   Pre-packeded autographed picture books along with book plates signed by the authors will also be given away. In addition, the company’s fist symposium at the Cambridge Public Library will be held sometime during the middle of November.

-Julie Griffin
Author of the upcoming book
Cristina Gradina, The Girl With The Ten Busy Toes