Since 1987, Sourcebooks has been growing in popularity by publishing unique books from extraordinary authors. It started by publishing finance books, but soon began to venture out into other niches, publishing everything from beauty books to self-help and law books.  Now, Sourcebooks is one of the largest independent publishers in North America.

To further expand its market, Sourcebooks will soon be launching eight new eBooks of the beloved Hear It Read It classics. This will be the company’s first major venture in the children’s book genre, and titles will include King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and Peter Pan.  The eBooks will incorporate both the stories and the audio accompaniments of the hard copy editions.

Full color illustrations and pages that turn automatically are some of the features of the new eBooks. There will also be a toggle on/toggle off function for audio, so readers can read along with a recording or read the story by themselves. Actors like Sean Bean will provide the narrations.

Originally, the price per eBook was going to be $9.99.  However, in order to offer a good value and attract new readers, the publisher has decided to lower the price to $4.99 each.  The eBooks will be available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and PCs. Kindle and Nook versions will be soon to follow.

-Julie Griffin
Author of the upcoming book
Cristina Gradina, The Girl With The Ten Busy Toes